Legends of Riverside

Scooter Patrick

From gas station owner to leading Le Mans, sports car racer Scooter Patrick enjoyed an amazing career. Perhaps best remembered for his prowess and speed at the wheel of Otto Zipper's many Porsches in the '60s, Patrick also enjoyed racing success in a wide variety of racecars including the Shelby owned Toyota 2000GT's, James Garner's Lola T70 and L-88 Corvettes,  as well as F5000s and notching up the last Can-Am victory of the mighty McLaren juggernaut. 

Scooter started racing in a MG TD about 1954 and attracted  the attention of car owners when his homemade PAM special (built out of a wrecked Porsche 550) started beating the big names in southern California racing. So when Otto Zipper picked him to drive his Porsche 904, it was no surprise that he continued winning. Carroll Shelby formed the first of the Japanese backed race teams; using the Toyota 2000 GT and asked Scooter to drive. 

His success there led James Garner to ask him to drive Corvettes in his newly founded American International Race team. Garner's program went on to Lola T-70 coupes and then to Formula 5000, culminating in the filming of "The Racing Scene". And with Otto Zipper, Scooter drove Alfa Type 33's in the Can Am, then went on to drive the Herb Caplan Mclaren M20's until the end of the Can Am series.